Does SSL Certificate Impact SEO?

SSL Certificates for SEOHTTPS is a mark of a website security and has been proven to be beneficial to SEO.

Cyber attacks have increased significantly over the past 5 years. Millions of websites are attacked by cyber crimes. An analysis of these victim websites shows there were no such security protocols ever implemented. 

Cyber criminals have taken a huge advantage of it by commercializing on the data breach.

What is SSL Certificate (or https)

SSL Certificate implementation helps to encrypt and secure data transfer between the browser and server. It also identifies the organization operating the website as genuine, verified and trusted. 

As SSL technology encrypt the communication between browser and server during data transfer from one PC to another, potential attacker would not be able to see what message is being sent as the message was encrypted by the SSL Certificate. SSL Certificate ensure the authentication of the data being transferred.

Website Secured with SSL Certificate displays HTTPS + Organization Name in URL, this helps to improve user trust and confidence with the website that they interact with. 

This is a strong indicator that the Business is legitimate and the user can share their information, especially financial information for online transactions without fear of breach.

Benefits of SSL Certificate

  • Boost revenue by increasing user confidence and trust
  • Improves website reputation on the web
  • Encrypt data and user information

In 2014, Google announced that SSL Certificate installation is a SEO ranking Signal. Besides the direct benefits, having SSL Secured websites helps with SEO ranking. Google has confirmed this.

Types of SSL Certificates

Website owners may have questions on choosing the type of SSL certificates, Here are various options:

Domain Validated SSL Certificate  – Suitable for websites that do not collect payment information (like credit card info) or sensitive user information such as passwords.

Extended Validated (EV) SSL Certificate – Websites that collect Payment information, or user’s credentials should opt for this (e.g Government, E-commerce, Healthcare, Banking, etc industries are suggested to use the EV SSL Certificate).

Wildcard SSL Certificate – For websites with multiple sub-domains, a single Wildcard SSL Certificate will work for all sub-domains.

If a user wishes to secure multiple website under single Certificate, a Multi Domain (SAN/UCC) SSL Certificate will work best.


There are free and paid SSL Certificates available. There are still many organization websites in Singapore that do not use SSL certificates, even though the benefits are obvious.

Its really clear that you should get an SSL cert for your company’s website, just check with the IT department or your web development agency. Implementation is really easy and fast.