Is Website Maintenance Necessary?

Website maintenance is often overlooked, along with web security. If your company’s website is built with a CMS like WordPress and the primary reason for building the website is to generate online visibility, then it is very likely that you need to maintain the website.

Content Addition / Update:

Nowadays, people hardly rely on Yellow Pages or printed business directories. So keeping your business information updated online is important, especially so if it’s a local website with features like location map and reviews/ratings. Customers find information about your company using Google search, Facebook Pages and Google Map. These are your company’s online presence that need to be updated whenever there is a change of information.

A static website that is not updated for many months is boring to your customers. Occasionally, it is advisable to put up some eye-catching content such as festive season promotion, graphics or video that capture attention.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO isn’t about ‘setting it and forgetting it’. The same way that your car needs regular maintenance and tune ups, so does your content and SEO strategy. This includes your focus on the UX/UI, website structure, XML sitemap, page speed, content updating, keyword strategy. While these tasks are often classified under the scope of SEO work, a basic maintenance plan should also cover basic SEO implementations.

Site Security:

Hackers are constantly after popular CMS systems like WordPress. So It’s really important to install the latest security patches to protect your website from malicious hacks.

If your website is using plugins to extend the functionalities and features to your site, then they would also need to be updated periodically. Sometimes the updates add additional features, and some are bug fixes and security patches within the plugin. It is also important to keep these updated to protect your website as much as possible.

Site Maintenance Service

Our solution is flexible and we maintain your website, regardless of what platform you use. Even if your company do not use any CMS at all, such as static HTML website, we can maintain your site using Adobe Dreamweaver or related tools. Just provide us with FTP information to connect to your server.

Website maintenance is charged based on monthly or hourly basis. If you are interested to let us take over your web maintenance work, do talk to our digital consultants to find out suitable plans.